Moving Day

We didn't always live on the property we have now.  No, we moved about 10 minutes from where we live now.  Same township but at the edge of it instead of in the middle.  The house we moved from was a ten room colonial the we remodeled over three years with the help of family and friends.  If we could have moved the house to the location we are at now, we would  have.  When I quit my job to have our daughter I would have to pick the mail up at the post office because they did not offer delivery service at that time. 

I would find cherry pits in my magazines and I knew they were reading our mail.  Other things happened that finally convinced  us to move and not very long  after the house was on the market, it sold.  We moved on May 15th 1976.  It was a beautiful day and we  had plenty of help from friends, so off we went to our new house.  We knocked on the door, as a courtesy, because we did have a key  but we could see that the previous owners car was in the driveway.   Well, we were shocked when we walked in to find not a piece of  furniture had been moved, nothing packed, and they were having breakfast at the table in  the kitchen.  Our faces must have given us away because the husband  said not to worry.  They would simply move out the back while we were moving in the front.  I kid you not.  They didn't have anyone to help them and  the two children were too little to  be of much help.  So we helped them as much as possible but we had to move our own things in.  It made for a longer  day than it had to be. The lilacs were blooming and my sister -in-law  cut a bouquet for the  house which made it feel  like a real home. Well, we had a new house   land, a huge barn and a ton of work ahead of us.  Did I mention the the house was pink?


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