Tomorrow is Halloween and what a perfect holiday it is for my family. We all enjoy a good scary movie.Ten days before Halloween we start watching the scary movies on television. Each year they seem brand new to us. I remember going to the movies when I was little with my aunt and her friends. We loved the Alfred Hitchcock movies and would sit at the end of our seats just ready to be scared out of our wits and we loved it. The Mummy and Dracula movie scared the living daylights out of me, but I would come back for more and more. Strangely enough, I never remember having nightmares and to this day I love scary movies.

We enjoy the weather, the beautiful skies that appear at this time of year and the crisp coolness that makes your home feel so comfy when you first walk in the door. The smells of Halloween are unique. Apples come to mind, as well as fall leaves crackling along the sidewalks and roads. Sounds of Halloween are spooky. The wind howling, train whistles and dogs barking in the distance as if to say, something is changing, beware!

Years and years ago when I was growing up there were two days of Trick or Treat. I don't know how this came about but I, as a child, wasn't about to dispute it. We would come home with large bags of candy each night and it would last until Christmas holiday and then we would get more. I'm not talking about the small candy bars you get now. No, they were the original ones, the big ones. I'm surprised I have any teeth left?

When my daughter was small she was not a big proponent of Halloween. She thought going from door to door was like begging. I'm not disagreeing with her but when your hiding behind a mask it seems to help. As a parent I never got into carving the pumpkin like my husband and daughter did but, now I like it. I never liked to dress up either. I don't know why. I think it's fun now! People change I guess. My daughter and son-in-law really decorate for Halloween and going over there is quite an experience. They have talking heads and a mummy and spiders all over. We carve the pumpkins a week before Halloween and place them on their front porch. On Halloween night we go over to her house to have chili and watch all of the kids come to the front door and they just stand in wonder at all of the scary things on the porch.

I remember one year I answered the door for some trick or treaters and my little dog ran out. They grabbed my dog and ran off. I screamed and my husband came running. I thought my dog was gone forever! Turns out, it was my mom and dad dressed up in costumes and shortly after they came back with my dog. I remember my mother always scaring my father, whether she was standing around a corner, waiting to holler something at him and he would always fall for it, time after time! Luckily my husband enjoys scary things too. It's so much more fun to watch scary movies with someone.

From our backyard to yours, even if you aren't real fond of dressing up for Halloween,
try to enjoy the children and of course the candy!


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