Spiders and Snakes and Bugs, Oh my!

While having a conversation the other night, the topic of bugs came up. I know every living thing must have a purpose but for the life of me, what good are bugs? Now I know that all of these bugs are in different families but to me they are all just bugs.

I have a fear of spiders that I just can't shake. The other day while on the computer, a spider came down from the ceiling right in front of my eyes and I almost had a heart attack. If they could just stay out of my space! This time of year I see them on their webs all over our shrubs. I try not to let it bother me and I can't kill them because I'm too afraid to actually do them bodily harm but I just wish they would go away. Sometimes in our pool I will see a water spider. Now where do they come from? We have a crick on our property. Do you suppose they wake up one day and say, I think I'll take a hike over to that pool and see what's going on. Now this would be like a hundred mile hike for a spider. I know I have gotten bit by a spider while sleeping because I have woken up only to find a bite mark that itches so much I can hardly stand it and it takes forever to go away. Well I use to wonder where the spider went that bit me, now I have convinced myself that once they bite someone, they die! It's easy to believe when you want to get a good nights sleep. Sometimes while watching television at night, my husband will jump out of his chair and I have learned that when this occurs that he is usually going to kill a spider before I see it. Although I am grateful for the killing, I am on alert for the rest of the night. Eyes darting from one side of the room to the other.

Now my husband is equally afraid of snakes as I am of spiders so the theory is when I see a snake I am supposed to dispose of it. I saw a small one down at our fire pit one day and took a stick and carried it across the street. He was kind of upset with me that I didn't kill it. Number one, if I can't kill a spider how am I going to kill a snake. A few years back, we had several sightings of a very large snakes at our pond. I'm talking the thickness of my arm. We had a man come over and dispose of them.

Luckily my husband never saw the really large ones because I don't think he would have gone out to the pond ever again. Once while mowing the yard he saw one by the old barn and proceeded to jump off the tractor while it was running. The tractor ran into the barn and my husband ran to the house looking for his gun. So far this year there have been no snake sightings.

The subject of flies is another sore spot. What good are they? Most bite you and and the bite swells up and I run for the Afterbite because that is the only thing that I have found that reduces the swelling. They buzz around your head when your outside and if they get in your house they buzz around the light bulbs or windows and just annoy the heck out of you so what is their purpose on earth? The Japanese
has plagued us up to no end this year. I removed the grapes from the property and they still land on not only the roses but on most every plant and tree on the property. My husband had to spray over the weekend because they were killing our plum tree. Now I really can't understand what their purpose would be? They just destroy everything in their path.

I could go on and on about all the different bugs I dislike but it really does no good to complain about them. We're just stuck with them.

From our back yard to yours, I hate to pick on bugs but they keep picking on me!


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