Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

In our area of the world, we wait for summer with great anticipation. It can be a long, cold winter and spring and holding on to that summer fantasy can be such a relief.

It’s going fast and seems to go faster and faster each year. Our July has been cooler than usual and when we get some hot weather it seems too hot. Now it sounds like I’m complaining but I’m really not. The weekends are still weekends and we really enjoy them. Well, most people do! Sleep in a little later. Don’t get dressed until you feel like it and when you do get dressed it usually means just putting on your bathing suit. Work in the gardens, fill the bird bath, take a walk and check out the pond. Water some of the flowers, play with the dog. Get a good book or magazine and head for the pool. Sounds good and that is what we usually do on weekends. Normally I would head for the flea market on Sundays but haven’t been this year. You can only collect so much. Maybe next year I will find some more space somewhere.

Grilling out most every night is a plus. Not much cleanup and the meals are simple but good. Corn on the cob is a regular and again not much thought but delicious. I have been trying different flavors of butter. Butter with lime and lemon and garlic are very tasty. Summer foods are fun. Fresh tomatoes, onions and radishes make for a great main course salad. This year I put in a blend of seeds for my lettuce and not only is it good but very attractive. With the colorful Italian arugula, chicory, endive, spinach and chard you can bet I will be planting that again next year. A new lemon cucumber was added to the garden this year and I can’t wait to try it.

Every summer I love to watch the commercial for ice tea where they reflect back on earlier times when everything just seemed slower and life easier. I happen to think that time is relative and you always think back to days when life was good but that doesn’t mean that it was that way, it is just how you remember it. Nothing wrong with that. I remember when I was young we would play hide and seek into the early night. My parents weren’t far away and the neighborhood was as safe as could be. I was lucky enough to have a large group of friends to play with and we were always together just playing games and having a good time. Summer seemed to last a lifetime back then and it wasn’t until your mother took you shopping for school clothes that you knew summer was truly coming to an end.

As I get older I think things are coming full circle. Life is getting slower and easier again. It took some getting used to but I think I’m finally getting it. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to go places but I’m very content to stay at home too. I don’t try to do everything I used to do because, I used to drive myself crazy trying to make everything just perfect. I can do without perfect. I can pace myself. If I don’t feel like doing something a particular day I just say no and have no guilt. It’s all good.

So where it used to be those lazy, hazy, Crazy days of summer, I’ve eliminated the Crazy. From our backyard to yours, enjoy all the lazy days of summer!


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