Games, Trains and Planes

Through the years we have had different games and activities for every season but summer naturally has the most time outdoors. We had Horse shoe pits that we used all the time. It was great fun and good exercise. I remember as a kid growing up, my parents would walk to my grandmothers house almost every night and play Horseshoes. When they played, it was always very competitive I don't like to get that serious about any game. Don't get me wrong, I like to win as much as the next guy, but I want to have fun first and foremost!

We had lawn Jarts which had the same principal as horse shoes but not as heavy to shoot. I don't think they even sell Jarts anymore because so many people were getting hurt with them. What about Badminton? That was always fun and Volleyball is still a favorite for most people.

We had croquet for many years. I always liked setting the game up and it was fun but we haven't played it in years. With the same principal as croquet but more challenging is Bocce. We play it once a week with family and it is great fun. Normally, Bocce is played on a court but we toss the balls all over the lawn and use the terrain as a big challenge.

Frisbee golf was another fun backyard activity. My husband made nineteen wooden signs and I painted them and numbered them and you throw the Frisbee at each numbered sign just as you would play a round of golf. Speaking of golf, we used to play a few holes of golf around the property. My brother- in- law even made us our own scoring cards.

The pool is our favorite. When my daughter was small she knew how to swim very early and has remained a good swimmer ever since. It would keep both children and adults entertained all day long. We have never regretted putting the pool in.

My husband flies his remote control planes in the upper field. Waiting for no wind or as little as possible keeps him in anticipation mode most of the time. It is quite a site when he has the plane zooming in the sky. Neighbors love to watch. He had lawn trains set up for awhile in the rose garden. I'm not sure why he gave that up. It was very cute. Maybe once you have it set up and going, it's kind of the end of the thrill.

We had a camp fire the other night after Bocce and it was really nice. We certainly didn't get cold. You can solve the world problems over a nice camp fire. I think years ago when our daughter was young we made an unconscious decision to make sure we did everything possible to enjoy our home, inside and out and I think we have accomplished that. I love to visit new places but I know we can have just as much fun in our own back yard so from our backyard to yours, just use your imagination and play some new games.


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