Garden Tips

All of the Euonymus on our property were started by pruning a plant and cutting pieces of the plant which have roots and placing them in the ground.It doesn't take long for them to grow.We are now in the process of trying to grow the Euonymus in pots and pruning them to form balls at the top. I have no idea how long it will take but I think it will be fun to watch the progress

This time of year I can hardly contain myself from buying every colorful flower there is in the grocery store. I buy hyacinths, prim roses and even miniature roses. They really brighten up the house. I just keep them watered and in May I plant them and so far every one of them have lived.

Every year for the last thirty plus years we have had a live tree for our Christmas tree.  A live tree means that the ball or root of the pine is still attached.  It can weigh 200 to 300 hundred pounds. As you can imagine it is not an easy task to get it into the house. The process is messy and takes more time than a cut tree but the rewards are significant. When we look back over the years we can count and remember each Christmas tree. If you decide to do this, here is a little tip. Most nurseries will tell you to dig your hole as soon as you bring the tree home. My husband has always dug the hole when we remove the tree after the holidays and we have had great success.  Also, during the spring and summer months the tree may turn brown and look dead but it is not. Most of our trees did this and thankfully we waited and they sprang back to life the following winter. 


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