March came in like a lamb so supposedly will go out like a lion. The end of the month marks our thirty forth anniversary. We shot for April fools day but it didn't fall on a Saturday. The seventeenth is Saint Patrick's day. I am Irish, Dutch and Polish and have always celebrated

St. Patrick's day. I guess I get that from my mother. As long as I can remember she has decorated for every holiday. I think it gives you something to look forward to and keeps a nice tradition going.

My husband and I always have the traditional corned beef boiled dinner. A good piece of corned beef, large pieces of cabbage, whole small onions, whole small potatoes and carrots, all boiled.  A side dish of home made apple sauce and sour dough bread and it is a masterpiece for the taste buds.

This year daylight savings is on the eleventh. The earliest I can ever remember. My understanding is that Congress passed a law having daylight savings later in the fall and earlier in the spring, which I think is a good idea. I think we could all benefit from more daylight.

Especially the east coast.

We are usually on vacation on our anniversary but the last few years it just hasn't worked out that way. When we returned home from the vacation I was ready to put our outdoor furniture on our patio. It still was cold but we would sit out there with the sun shining and look forward to warmer days to come. Also, looking out the front windows I could see the beginning of the crocus sprouting out. Nothing better!

This year has not been particularly a bad winter. I know some will disagree but really February was the only month we had a massive amount of snowfall.

My husband and I took a walk a few days ago and it was slow going because of the snow. My husband takes the John Deere around the perimeter of the property and we can walk in the track marks made by the tractor. Even so, it was still hard. But we did see a large flock of Turkey. There had to be thirty or more Turkey. We were amazed.

Not to mention that we had our Yellow Lab with us and she didn't see one of them. She's a sweetheart but not much of a hunter. That's alright with me but I think my husband is a little disappointed.

This year for our Anniversary we are going to do some gambling at a local Casino.  We will have a nice dinner, gamble, and have some breakfast. We did that last year and had a great time! Another year to look forward to. I'll get home and say to my husband, I think I'll go clean out the shed and put the furniture on the patio. He won't say a word because he looks forward to the warmer months to come also. He knows that I'll start bugging him the end of April to have the pool open by Memorial day. We don't want to miss any warm days! 

From our backyard to yours, Wish me Luck!


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