Starry Starry Night

A couple of years ago for Valentine's Day my husband sent away and got a star named after me. I thought it was very romantic. I have the star registry hanging in my kitchen and someday we will be able to look the star up. 

Throughout the years we have been interested in the stars. We have had several telescopes. We have looked at the moon, the North Star, the big dipper and anything else we could pick out with the naked eye.

We went to the drive in theater years ago to see the Empire Strikes Back and spent the whole evening outside with everyone else at the drive in to witness the harmonic conversion. That was truly spectacular! We got up early in the morning one year, to see hundreds of meteorites and invited friends and relatives to our back yard because there is very little light out back and it was easy to see them. All you heard was there’s one and there’s one for almost an hour. I made omelets for everyone and it was a fun time for all.

Recently we had the opportunity to visit the local observatory, which is close to our house. It is located on one of the highest points in the county and saw the progress they were making on rebuilding a large telescope. Soon we will be able to see stars that we have only heard about.

One of the last years Johnny Carson was on television my husband took the telescope out to the backyard and was attempting to see something spectacular when he called out for me to come outside as fast as possible. I was putting my daughter down to sleep for the night and it took me a couple of seconds to get there. With just our eyes we looked down toward the pool and hovering above the pool was a round red light. It then zoomed up the road and across the street to a neighbor’s house. I then ran back into the house and upstairs and looked out the window. My husband remained outside with me telling him to come into the house….NOW! It didn’t come back and to this day, we have no idea what it was. I do know that it scared me and I know what it wasn’t. It was not a reflection of any kind; it was not someone shining a light of any kind. It was simply a red round light about twelve inches in diameter.

Over the years we have heard different stories from friends and acquaintances about strange things they have seen. One said that they were at one of the great lakes and again it was late at night. They are convinced they saw a disc or as they hesitated to say a flying saucer. This person was one of the most reliable people I have ever met. So I have always believed his story.

We have been on ships out on the ocean and the sky comes alive. If there happens to be a full moon, the stars aren’t quite as visible but you can see underwater just fine. We visited Cancun and the stars appeared so close you felt as it you could reach up and touch them.

I can remember as a child looking up and thinking how the stars looked like diamonds and you know, I still think that way. Summer months were the best to lie on your back in the grass and just look up and wonder but you know the winter skies can be crystal clear and just as appealing.

From our backyard to yours, try looking up and make a wish!


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